About Us

We’re a group of adult dancers in Ottawa who perform a mix of traditional and contemporary choreography in the styles of Irish, Highland (Scottish) and Ottawa Valley step dance — and we’re the only performance group we know of to cross the Celtic “trifecta” of dance forms in this way!

Collectively, we have decades of experience as teachers, performers, competitors, and choreographers. We’ve performed for diplomats, royalty, festival audiences, wedding guests, political staff, and much more. While meeting the Queen at Balmoral Castle was a particular highlight, we’re just as delighted to dance for tourists on Ellis Island in New York City, for Celtic music enthusiasts at great festivals like Almonte Celtfest, and even for people swiftly running by, at the Kilt Run in Perth.

We’ve shared stages with almost every Irish and Scottish musician in the Ottawa Valley, from pipe bands to fiddle trios to more rock-n-roll Celtic groups. We’ve appeared on networks such as CityTV, CTV & more, and have performed as far away as Russia.

Celtic Cross performances are a lively blend of the traditional and the new, from Highland flings to Irish reels to original choreography that blends all three types of dance we do. We adapt our performances to the venues, people, and events that book us — we can even offer virtual performances curated to your events. Check out our Booking Information page for more info.

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