Booking Information

We perform at weddings, festivals, corporate functions, retirement homes, concerts, parades, and any other event or venue that could use a dash of dynamic Celtic dance. We also have the ability to offer virtual performances with pre-recorded dances and live commentary curated to all types of events. All of our choreography is tailored to maintain proper physical distancing, and our dancers wear masks for all in-person gatherings.

Whether you’re looking for just a couple dancers for a few minutes of entertainment at your event, or a full roster for a longer performance, we can accommodate almost any preference.

Our typical performances blend Irish, Highland (Scottish) and Ottawa Valley step dance into a mix of dances that reflect both tradition (e.g. the very recognizable Highland Fling) and contemporary creativity (e.g. pieces we choreograph ourselves, that blend multiple styles and use vibrant, Celtic-pop music). But we can adapt to whatever your event requires. Need strictly Highland dancers in full kilt costume, complete with a bagpiper, for a more traditional Scottish event? Or step dancers in hardshoes for an Irish celebration? We will happily accommodate any requests for the styles of dance we specialize in.


We’ve had the honour of performing at countless weddings, and can customize our performances to make your special day even more special. Here are some examples:

  • Traditional Scottish Highland dance performance in full kilt costume, complete with live bagpiper;
  • Traditional Irish dance performance, accompanied by live musicians (fiddle, etc.);
  • Mixed Celtic choreography (both Irish and Scottish), set to lively recorded music;
  • Ceili calling (leading your wedding guests in some simple, fun & interactive social dances to get your party/reception started), set to live or recorded music.

Contact us  at with your event’s particulars to discuss your options.


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